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I’ve been hearing rumours all day that Linden Lab laid off some staff, but it was very confused as to who they were. Rumours ranged from Team Shining, to the entire mesh team. I’ve been listening to the rumours and speculation, until someone definitive got in touch.

Someone has, and it now appears that two senior Second Life product managers got the chop.

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I’m starting to think I might know why the last couple of official viewer releases have been somewhat … marginal. Also, the Lab seems to need someone to proofread position listings, but as far as I know it isn’t hiring for that. I’ve corrected a couple of typographical errors in this listing.

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Now, this isn’t the first time that the Lab has worked on mobile applications. I don’t know what the eventual fate of the last mobile projects were, other than that they were apparently abandoned. Either that, or the projects are already up to somewhere around 0.25 DNFs (Duke Nukem Forevers; 1 DNF=14 years).
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Linden Lab is looking for someone to fill the role of Director of Global Communications – effectively to become the “main spokesperson for the company.” This job reports to the head of marketing, which would presently be Kim Salzer.

Reporting to the Head of Marketing, the Director of Communications will own the global communication strategy and execution for Linden Lab. This person will work alongside executive leadership to craft the communication plan and manage all media relations for Linden Lab’s Direct to Consumer effort.

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