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Nov 22 2011

Yesterday I complained that Linden Lab’s communications in recent months, insofar as key areas were concerned, had been at an all-time low. While the term “unmitigated disaster” keeps floating through my head, I’m going to go with “fiasco” to describe it.

I’ve complained about that before, in fact, I’ve been complaining about that since it started.

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Linden Lab is looking for someone to fill the role of Director of Global Communications – effectively to become the “main spokesperson for the company.” This job reports to the head of marketing, which would presently be Kim Salzer.

Reporting to the Head of Marketing, the Director of Communications will own the global communication strategy and execution for Linden Lab. This person will work alongside executive leadership to craft the communication plan and manage all media relations for Linden Lab’s Direct to Consumer effort.

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Just about every 12-18 months, Linden Lab tells us that it is going to reduce the quantity of communication with us, the users, and by doing so the quality of those communications will vastly improve.

That’s never actually turned out to be true, and if I hear it one more time, I shall probably scream.

So prepare to cover your ears in the coming days, because it looks like it is time for another go round on that lame old line.

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“Doing less, better,” Rosedale said at SLCC this year. Well, one thing the Lab has a lot less of is its executives.

With the departure of the Vice President of core development, there are now just four company executives left on the books at Linden Lab.

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