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Nov 5 2011

Much has been made of the possibilities of using Microsoft’s Kinect with Second Life. There are a lot of Kinects out there. They sold really well to people wanting to try them, and then sales suddenly fell sharply, to the point that they’re hardly selling at all.

Nevertheless, Second Life might be just the sort of thing to give the Kinect a shot in the arm, if you’ve got one laying around and appropriate software gets developed, right?

Well, let’s try a couple of little experiments, and we’ll see what you think afterwards.

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Jun 25 2011

Human-factors designers use the term “gorilla arm” to refer to the vast gulf between cool design ideas and how they work in actual use-cases. At the beginning of the 1980s, touch-screens were just getting going, but gorilla-arm more or less killed off large-scale touch-screen research-and-development for many years to come. Only now, with portable devices and short-interaction kiosks are we seeing the resurgence.

But touch-screens aren’t the only technology that suffers from “gorilla arm.” Devices like Microsoft’s Kinect do as well.

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Microsoft really rather badly needed the Kinect to be a platform exclusive, I believe. The Wiimote and even the Sony Move work super well … at least when coupled with appropriate applications, and the Xbox – while still strong – has been showing some signs of flagging.

Having the Kinect as an exclusive device is something that Microsoft really needs in the gaming/media market – and it isn’t going to get it.

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Saw this just a few minutes ago on my way out of the mall. Had to share.

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