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A pair of golden scales, in balanceI must confess that, while I was still keen on the progress of the lawsuit between Amaretto Ranch Breedables and Ozimals (et al), very limited access to court documents and the relatively slow progress of the case had sent my attention largely elsewhere.

On the fifth of November, however, this little beauty turns up. Judge Charles R. Breyer is granting (in part) and rejecting (in part) a motion for summary judgement. And wow, this document itself is probably the best thing you’ll read about this case.

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Lisa Berry, whom you may know as Linden Lab’s present General Counsel, has been battling a four-year civil suit from the Securities and Exchange Commission over alleged fraudulent stock option backdating during her tenure as General Counsel for Juniper Networks and KLA-Tencor Corp.
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Sony was recently – and quite rightly – subject to lawsuits from its Playstation Network users for an almost unprecedented level of negligence with customer data.

Now Sony has been scrambling to improve its PSN security, but the recent changes in the PSN terms of service make it seem as if it doesn’t really give a damn about it.

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Okay. First a quick refresh on how this all got started. Two makers of Second Life breedable pet animals (Ozimals and Amaretto) got into a bit of a stink with each-other which wound up in court. Ozimals had filed a DMCA takedown against Amaretto, claiming copyright infringement, and Amaretto turned around and filed a fat and juicy lawsuit against Ozimals for being unlawfully meddling and naughty.

So, where’s all that at now?

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