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Under the banner of ‘ER-910’, it seems that Linden Lab is working on a new privacy feature – one which has been requested by some users since 2005 or earlier, but which the Lab rejected on a number of occasions.

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Imagine, for a moment, that you’re sitting down for the first time with a new piece of software that you’ve not used before. One where you haven’t read the manual or just plain doesn’t have one – yes, I’m thinking about Second Life here.

Now, assuming a poor user-interface on that software, your reaction is generally going to fall into one of two broad groupings.

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Second Life I haven’t yet found out what the new Second Life search engine is. It certainly isn’t based on Google Search Appliances (GSA), but I’m waiting to find out if the Lab is willing to reveal the technology being used.

In fact, it’s kind of nice, actually, at first blush. You don’t need the new project viewer to play with it, either.

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The notion that the biggest single barrier to new-user retention in Second Life is the viewer/interface is a simple, intuitive and obvious conclusion to arrive at.

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