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In the wake of the announced price-doubling for educators and non-profits, the reaction has been … well, just about as strong as I expected. A very significant chunk of those markets have been reconsidering Second Life as an option since Linden Lab gave them a wake-up call one year ago, and eyeing alternatives.

According to reports Linden Lab’s now sent around an email which smacks more of salesmanship than factual correctness, offering education and non-profit concerns short-term discount if they’ll take a fixed-term contract for their Second Life holdings before 31 December.

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In my sleepy, under-caffeinated haze yesterday, while I noted that Catherine Smith had left the Lab (something which had come up earlier in the week when an email to her about another matter bounced), I omitted to mention that the Lab’s Amsterdam office is going to be shutting down after all.

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On 7 March, Mark Kingdon spoke at the opening of the Amsterdam office of Linden Lab. Yes, that’s a little while ago now, but remember this is just 90 days before the layoffs, and I think it is interesting to hear what is said in light of what subsequently occurred.

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