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A group of Second Life avatarsThe core of any API (application programming interface) is a set of runtime-guarantees. Lately, I’ve been asked a fair bit about LSL’s llSetTimerEvent() API function and its interaction with the new region-idling model, where regions are shoved down to less frequent updates when not in certain kinds of active use.

Obviously that’s going to have some sort of effect on timers, but does it break llSetTimerEvent()’s runtime guarantees? No, it doesn’t.

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Roblem Hogarth has dug out the information for when and how the Second Life llGiveInventory() function is throttled. By throttling, I sort of mean “capped”.

The limit is 5,000 calls per owner per region within the last 60 minutes, more or less, with a 2,500 call burst. However, any calls to llGiveInventory() that exceed the limit are counted, so that’s function calls, not actual deliveries – so with a bit of effort, you can actually lock yourself out indefinitely if you try.

Falcon Linden is offering two prizes for successfully crashing certain Second Life simulator beta code. Both prizes are L$5000 (roughly $US20) paid in main-grid currency.

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I’ve recommended Isner’s guide to quaternions on numerous occasions to individuals who were struggling with the basic concepts of these rather arcane rotational representations.

It’s still worth a broad mention, as it is one of the best guides to the topic that I have encountered for anyone who might be struggling with them in LSL and Second Life, and they’re vastly more useful than Euler rotations, once you’ve understood the basics.