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It is with some astonishment that I note that the Linden Endowment for the Arts appears to actually be doing something. The slight sense of incredulity that I feel is slightly enhanced by the announcement in the PR dead-zone surrounding April Fools’ Day.

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Linden Lab has been, in the past, likened to a slumbering behemoth that must slowly chug – groaning and leaking oil – into a sort of smoky activity. Come to think of it, I think it was me that made that comparison, a couple of years ago.

“Agile” is an adjective that few users would apply to Linden Lab.

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Feb 23 2011

I was sent this, by Clubkenjin Loon (AKA BOSS), whose English is better than my Japanese – nevertheless, we haven’t had what you’d exactly call much of an exchange of information yet.

I looked at this machinima, made in her sim in Second Life, I believe. I was only about 30 seconds in and then the name “Miyazaki Hayao” floated through my head. Evocative.
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Soleil is an art/music project that is the brainchild of Nicole Marie and Tasuku Arai. Deeply collaborating on music and melody, they’ve never met each-other in person. They’re known as ColeMarie Soleil and Tasuku Ghost in Second Life.

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