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Jun 13 2012

A scene from Habbo. Several avatars cluster around a table containing stylised foods, while one person holds a giant sparkling carrotJust last night, UK’s Channel 4 aired an investigative piece about Sulake’s Habbo Hotel (or just “Habbo”), the social virtual environment for kids.

The investigation alleges (among other things) that sexual predators are using the service to groom children for sex, despite Habbo’s couple of hundred live moderators – and it isn’t the first time these sorts of allegations have been made about Habbo, or about a number of other virtual environments.

Another UK channel (that I won’t name) went so far as to fabricate a scandal involving Second Life a few years ago.

What strikes me about the Habbo incident is how sudden it has been.

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I’m going to talk about expectation management and Second Life, so it is only fitting that I first talk about Star Wars, in 1977.

That Star Wars film (Episode IV, the first one made) was the most spoilerific effort that I have ever seen. For months before the premiere of the film the media was saturated with character-bios, plot summaries, clips of the film, and making-of featurettes.

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Dec 18 2011

Someone recently asked me to check with the Lab and ask about the “Big Marketing Push” that the Lab said at SLCC that it was gearing up for. If I recall rightly, the question was along the lines of “Has it happened yet? Or is it still to come?”

I’m sorry, I’ve completely forgotten who it was who asked me – but I did ask the Lab and get an answer.

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Nov 22 2011

Yesterday I complained that Linden Lab’s communications in recent months, insofar as key areas were concerned, had been at an all-time low. While the term “unmitigated disaster” keeps floating through my head, I’m going to go with “fiasco” to describe it.

I’ve complained about that before, in fact, I’ve been complaining about that since it started.

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