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“Green Goose is like playing Second Life, the first time”, which, I gather is a headline written by someone who has been a Second Life user probably approximately zero times.

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Dec 27 2010

Journalists. We rely on them for news about business, politics, world and local events, and more. Most of what we know about our world comes to us through a journalist at some point or another.

When it comes to writing about technology, things get shakier, and when it comes to anything to do with Second Life, journalists tend to be a major let-down, as I’ve noted before.

This Christmas was no exception.

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Dec 24 2010

A few weeks ago, ratings organisation Nielsen selected us for their national television ratings panel and installed one of their boxes in our home.

The box (or ‘peoplemeter’) is actually two boxes. One connects to your media equipment, and the other is placed out of the way and periodically calls back to the Nielsen data centres. The boxes basically listen to the audio on your TV, sample it, and then that is used to determine what you’re watching, and whether it’s time-shifted or not. You’re given a remote to log in (or out) for residents, or guests. That supplies Nielsen with demographic data, as well as determining what other uses you might be putting your television to other than actually watching television.

The whole thing has made me much more aware of our television watching habits and has gotten me thinking about the business model of broadcast television generally.

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So said Philip Rosedale. The actual quote is a bit uncertain, as various media outlets that covered it at the time have the wording slightly different. I can find at least three versions of the quote.

So, here’s the dealie-o. I don’t really think Rosedale meant or really believed what what he said when he said that – assuming he said it and it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. The question is, why did anyone else believe it?

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