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So, a big and controversial story circulating at the moment is a study by Aptiquant, where 100,000 people were invited to take an online IQ test, and their results correlated with the make and model of Web-browser that they were using. The results played into popular prejudices, indicating that users of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 had IQs in the ‘moron’ range.

A juicy story indeed, with graphs and charts and all-sorts. Except that it took less than one minute to determine that the company behind the study, Aptiquant, doesn’t appear to exist.

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Dec 27 2010

Journalists. We rely on them for news about business, politics, world and local events, and more. Most of what we know about our world comes to us through a journalist at some point or another.

When it comes to writing about technology, things get shakier, and when it comes to anything to do with Second Life, journalists tend to be a major let-down, as I’ve noted before.

This Christmas was no exception.

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The world is changing. Can you feel it?

A month ago, I didn’t give a hoot about Wikileaks. It didn’t interest me at all. Nor did journalist Assange, one of its founders and operators. I couldn’t have cared less about them. Wikileaks was just one more news publication in an ocean of news publications, all of which periodically ran with stories about this or that leaked document.

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