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In a civil lawsuit, the pre-trial hearings are basically all about facts. There are two essential kinds of facts in this process: facts in dispute, and facts not in dispute.

Both sides take (roughly) turns submitting documents and responses, and over time it becomes clear which information, items or events both parties both agree to be factual and correct, and which points they still disagree on. If there are enough facts in dispute (or facts of sufficient magnitude) the matter may then proceed to trial.

The judge may make judgements during the hearing phase based on the facts that are not in dispute. This has happened.

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Well, December was the second-best month for the blog to-date, coming a very close second to October.

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Amaretto Ranch Breedables has obtained a temporary restraining order against Linden Lab as the next step in its legal battle with rival virtual animal manufacturer, Ozimals – pending a bond payment. A preliminary hearing date has been set for next month.

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Ozimals’ owner Candy Cerveau has responded with a statement on the Ozimals blog about the today’s news of the copyright dispute between Ozimals and Amaretto Ranch Breedables, and has included a copy of the cease-and-desist letter that was sent to Amaretto (PDF format).

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