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Mar 29 2020

It has been rather a long-time coming. I first went premium with Second Life just four days after creating my account (if memory serves me well, which it often doesn’t).

It’s been quite the ride.

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Okay, this is a little late. I’ll talk about why.

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When I was young, Gaddafi was a striking figure. Not handsome by any of my measures, but straight-backed, uniformed, in a military cap and dark glasses. He projected an aura of confidence and of power and of credibility – whether any of that was true or not. He appeared in any number of news stories with the implied subtext: “This is your enemy”

And it was easy to believe.

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As this particular day comes around each year, people often ask “What will you be doing to remember 9/11?”

My answer, this year, is the same as every year.

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