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Someone asked me recently if I would consider doing any stream-of-consciousness pieces on various topics.

I had to laugh at the suggestion.

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Mister Bradley Horowitz,

At one time or another, I’ve been involved in computer and Internet security. I’ve investigated breaches, secured systems, cleaned off rootkits. I’ve worked with the Federal police to locate and identify malefactors and bring them to justice – something that often comes with a price.

For some years, you’ve provided me with services that handle my email, and private conversations, and allow me to pursue activities online while feeling safe from the risks that I personally am keenly aware of. You’ve taken care of that data, and I’ve trusted you with it. I always felt safe doing so. Safe from discrimination, harassment, threats and intimidation – within acceptable limits. Safe from having my privacy breached or my identity misused.

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Why, it’s me! Actually, I don’t just have dyslexia, but also pattern-triggered functional agraphia. That is, when I hand-write certain combinations of letters, the activation patterns it sets up in my brain cause a temporary loss of the ability to read and write, which can last from a minute or two, up to about a quarter of an hour.

For the latter, well, I don’t hand-write anymore – except in crudely-formed block letters – I’ve been typing since I was four years old. For the dyslexia, though, I employ a different strategy.

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The whole family, pets included, were in the living room earlier this-evening, when there was a very strange sound.

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