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You'd better not mess with Captain Flummox! So, I got a letter from the Australian Tax Office that my 2008/2009 tax-return needed to be resubmitted. The problem that I’m having is figuring out exactly where on the form to put an income figure.

No, not Second Life profits – that part’s easy. The problem is writing.

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I remember the first spam email that I ever saw. It was in the early 1980s. Everyone in the office crowded around to see it, and we all laughed at the ridiculousness of it. “MAKE MONEY FAST” it promised.

A copy was printed and stuck on the notice-board in reception, and visitors would see it, read it and laugh.

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Mar 19 2011

The story of Casey Heynes is doing the rounds. Heynes is a high-school student somewhere in Western Sydney, Australia, bullied for a very long time, and then finally reciprocated. Here’s some stuff about his story.

Now I’m going to tell you a story of my own.

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Jan 7 2011

I was asked, “Why [should Rod Humble] change from a proper job at EA on an ejection seat at Linden Lab?” – and my response started to run on a bit, so I decided to waffle on about it in its own post.

As for why someone might choose to captain a ship, whether it is a sinking one or not – well, in certain industries and at certain levels of business there ain’t no such thing as a pay-raise. If you want a pay-raise your only option is to go work for someone else.

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