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Linden Realms, Second Life’s only substantive first-party game, is set to open up to all Second Life users tomorrow, the first of December, according to Linden Lab PR manager, Peter Gray. Linden Realms is a fun little game about collecting crystals, completing quests and dodging hazards. The game is not just moving from a premium-only beta to an unrestricted beta – this is the public launch of Linden Realms, says the Lab.

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Linden Lab is planning to replace the welcome/gateway area for the adult Second Life continent of Zindra – or, more properly, is looking to transition from a Linden Lab managed gateway area to one managed by users. Accordingly Linden Lab put out a call for proposals for interested parties.

The deadline for proposals was the beginning of this month, and Linden Lab says that it is getting close to making a decision, but has not yet done so.

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It’s now been five and a half years since one of Second Life’s more enduring and repeated feature requests was made: sandboxes for premium account holders.

This week, they became one of two new benefits for both premium account-holders and for non-premium concierge customers.

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Now that the newly-minted Linden Lab CEO, Rod Humble, is not quite so much “the new guy” as he was the first time that I interviewed him, I’ve been nosing around the PR corner of Linden Lab to see if I could get him back for a second round.

While there was a lot of calendar juggling involved, Humble and Peter Gray (Linden Lab’s PR manager) managed to find a little time in a busy schedule for us to get together and talk.

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