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Philip 1.0 in "The Tatarot" Well, I’ve spent the week toying with a “Whatever happened to the contest to find Philip a new look” post, and woke up thinking that today was going to be the day to write it.

Such was not to be, however, as I woke up to news that not only is the contest not dead in the water, but there’s a winner.

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Well, it’s a bit crap when you wait for days for an official comment from the Lab, and don’t get one until after they’ve already published that comment a similar comment [My half-awake reading-comprehension needs a little work. The Lab offered an additional (and interesting) comment to Rosedale’s] widely. The treatment is a bit shabby… but actually, I’m starting to get used to it. I think it might be to discourage people from taking the time to contact the Lab for comments.

Nevertheless, Rosedale has one or two things to say on behalf of the Lab.

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