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So said Philip Rosedale. The actual quote is a bit uncertain, as various media outlets that covered it at the time have the wording slightly different. I can find at least three versions of the quote.

So, here’s the dealie-o. I don’t really think Rosedale meant or really believed what what he said when he said that – assuming he said it and it wasn’t just a misunderstanding. The question is, why did anyone else believe it?

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Feel the love!For those of you wanting to keep track of the latest exploits of Philip Rosedale’s Love Machine business, now that he’s exited the Lab, there’s a couple small news updates.

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“If we were ineptly plodding along, why aren’t there any competitors that have wiped us out by now?” asked Philip Rosedale during a talk with Mitch Wagner recently.

I’ve been meaning to write a followup to that, because it’s a question that I know the answer to.

Simply put, investors don’t – as a rule – put capital into things that don’t look like they’re going to succeed.

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Nov 1 2010

Hmm. Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Second Life viewer seems to have fewer configuration options available than the average Web-browser or RSS reader?

My media player is more configurable than that.

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