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Achilles teleported to the landmark and allowed things to rez. After a minute, he studied the two figures. One was near the unusual flag at the starting line, and one was further away, near the edge of the sim. Recognising neither, Achilles tentatively approached the nearer avatar.

‘Tortoise?’ he asked, ‘is that you?’

‘Indeed it is,’ replied the avatar, ‘but please, feel free to refer to me by my display name, “Mister T”.’

Achilles smiled, ‘That explains the unusual avatar, then. Tell me, will you be racing in it today?’

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Falcon Linden is offering two prizes for successfully crashing certain Second Life simulator beta code. Both prizes are L$5000 (roughly $US20) paid in main-grid currency.

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I could have sworn that this particular feature was dead in the water a few months back. Shows what I know, right?

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