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A group of Second Life avatarsThe Relay For Life of Second Life is proud to announce that due to the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and supporters, we have collected 1.5 million in US dollars (USD) since 2004 to support the fight against cancer. This is an increase of $500,000 since we reported $1 million In April 2011.

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Participants express satisfaction with learning stress-reducing techniques via Second Life online environment

A small study from Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers found that online virtual communities may be an effective way to train patients in meditation and other mind/body techniques. The ability to learn and practice approaches that elicit the relaxation response – a state of deep rest that has been shown to alleviate stress-related symptoms – in a virtual environment could help surmount several barriers that can restrict participation.

“Our finding that a medical intervention – in this case teaching a mind/body approach that includes the relaxation response – can be delivered via a virtual environment is important because these environments are are richer and more rewarding than simply using interactive web sites,” says Daniel Hoch, MD, PhD, of the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at MGH, corresponding author of the report appearing in the open-access journal PLoS One.

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The team of experts from the University of Southern Queensland’s Australian Centre for Sustainable Catchments (ACSC) may work diligently at predicting future climate changes but how do you get that information to regional farmers throughout the world?

The ACSC has recently completed a successful trial of a web-based discussion-support for climate information for regional Indian farmers in Hyderabad and are hoping to extend the program to the rest of India and then to other nations.

The way it works is deceptively simple— using the ACSC’s research, staff and students from Toowoomba’s University of Southern Queensland (USQ) campus hold a casual discussion about upcoming climate trends over the online virtual world program Second Life.

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2ndMe, a fast growing service for Second Life residents, changed its status from beta to final on 16th of January 2012. All promised features like Adobe Flash 11-based core, animation and hardware acceleration support were successfully released. Also, from now on 2ndMe users enjoy free export of their avatars to Second Life.

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