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Under the banner of ‘ER-910’, it seems that Linden Lab is working on a new privacy feature – one which has been requested by some users since 2005 or earlier, but which the Lab rejected on a number of occasions.

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Second Life There are currently three different basic ways you can access Second Life account profiles. There’s access via a Web-browser (through my.secondlife.com), access through the officially supported Second Life viewer 2.x (at least the later versions of it), and there’s the basic profile API that’s still used by viewers based on the 1.x series code-base, and earlier versions of Viewer 2.x.

Two of these respect the privacy settings on your profile data. One of them doesn’t. Guess which.

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Alt Detector Private Edition, on the Second Life Marketplace This one, listed on the Second Life Marketplace, appears to use the same media-hack to identify the IP address of other users.

The creator suggests that this doesn’t violate the terms-of-service, since it does not send data to any person other than you, nor does it show you the data that it collects.

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