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snake-oil7 In the wake of the removal of RedZone from Second Life, many former RedZone customers are looking for alternatives. Why not an alternative from Linden Lab?

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In just the last 2-3 hours, RedZone – the contentious alt-detecting security system – has been ripped from Second Life this-evening, and its creator zFire Xue (along with TheBoris Gothly) suspended or banned from Second Life.

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Linden Lab’s Soft Linden has apparently pulled a list of everyone who got the recent notecard from AltDetector Resident just recently, and followed it up with one of his own.

That text in full …

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I’m not sure of the veracity of this, exactly. What you’ll see is a video of what appears to be a communication from zFire Xue to someone else about recording passwords that were incorrectly typed into something (what, exactly? Something related to RedZone? Edit: The RedZone Web-site apparently, so it would be the passwords of RedZone customers, I guess) on the basis that some of those incorrect entries are actually also a person’s Second Life password (non exactly unlikely). Also about sharing that information, along with the geographical location of users.

Watch the video (dated August 2010).

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