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Actually, you probably don’t need me to tell you that Linden Realms apparently launched on-time and as-expected, but I’d feel a little bit remiss if I didn’t say something to acknowledge it. There are nine new portals in the destination guide to go to the game areas.

I think we’re done here for the day. Carry on.

Linden Realms, Second Life’s only substantive first-party game, is set to open up to all Second Life users tomorrow, the first of December, according to Linden Lab PR manager, Peter Gray. Linden Realms is a fun little game about collecting crystals, completing quests and dodging hazards. The game is not just moving from a premium-only beta to an unrestricted beta – this is the public launch of Linden Realms, says the Lab.

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Last week, word started to get around about Linden Lab’s “Project LR”, apparently as a result of a Halloween posting of a FAQ about it in the Second Life knowledge base. I soaked up what information was already circulating publicly and asked the Lab for a little more.

Firstly, while “LR” is commonly thought to stand for “Lost Realms”, the Lab says “Linden Realms” is the correct name.

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