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That breed can turn on you For some time it has been known that there was a security flaw in the Ogg Vorbis library that the Second Life viewer uses for decoding some audio data. It isn’t a new problem, as developers have known about the flaw since about 2009 but never gave it much mind as there was no real opportunity to exploit the flaw.

However, yesterday things changed, when Linden Lab’s Oz Linden sent an email out to third-party viewer developers.

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The older a password gets, the more chance there is that it is compromised.

Passwords can be brute-forced, keylogged, exposed through exploits, phished and occasionally accidentally entered on the wrong Web-site, or tapped into an IM Window. Passwords have many predators in the wild.

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You may recall that – not too long ago – some Facebook users have had their accounts hijacked by scammers. The scammers then pretended to be that person, stuck in London without means after a mugging. The scammers used this to divert funds from friends and family.

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Dec 15 2010

Read about it. Follow the recommendations. Use the checker if you are not certain.

If you’re ever recycling a password for an online service… well, there’s probably no helping you.