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The Linden Lab logoFor a very long time now, Linden Lab’s corporate information only listed three people. Rod Humble, CEO; Jeff Petersen, VP of Engineering; and, Lisa Berry (General Counsel).

There’s been an update, and the management team’s line-up looks far more comprehensive now.

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A group of Second Life avatarsBob Komin, Linden Lab’s CFO and COO has departed Linden Lab after a more than two-and-a-half year stint through some pretty tough times at the company.

Komin turned the company around from Q2 2010 to Q1 2011, reversing the company’s high cash burn-rate and guiding it to record profitability as the head of the Global Technical Operations, QA, Customer Support, IT, HR, Legal, Finance and Accounting teams.

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Jun 7 2012

A group of Second Life avatars“If only,” I hear you cry, “land in Second Life was less expensive! Why things would positively boom!”

But would they? Let’s look at the scenario more closely. You’re not going to like it.

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“As I promised if we couldn’t figure out a way that was a win/win for folks who want complete freedom vs. a list of last names, we wouldn’t do it. We couldn’t, so we wont,” wrote Rod Humble, in an update just a few minutes ago.

It must have been a sobering time for Linden Lab’s CEO, now just over a year in the big chair. Users served up information about practical history, and longer-term Lab functionaries served up shedloads of data to back up the users’ anecdotal information.

In the end, it seems, nobody could figure out a way to make Last Names come back without causing users more trouble than it was worth.

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