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I thought for a while that concurrency had stabilised. Indeed, with the announcement of Rod Humble as Linden Lab’s new CEO, it appeared that Second Life user-concurrency had rallied. No such luck, it seems, with an overall decline in Second Life usage from around the end of February.

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I’m actually quite the optimist about Second Life and its future. You might find that a bit odd.

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Feb 22 2011

New Linden Lab CEO, Rod Humble, is at present broadly viewed as “the great white hope”* for many thousands of entrenched Second Life customers.

* The phrase itself is an odd one, deriving from a famous stage play (and later film) about segregation and racism in the early 20th century, but by the latter half of the century had been co-opted by the popular media to refer to any much-longed-for agent-of-change, regardless of actual race or creed.

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Check it! A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to ask Rod Humble some questions. A number of you might recall that, as I contacted quite a few people to see what they wanted me to ask him. After some delays, it has finally been completed, and the result has been published on The Metaverse Journal. Enjoy.