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Direct Delivery for the Second Life Marketplace clearly isn’t going so well. After a unicode bungle (why does almost every major feature include a unicode bungle?) that prevented merchants being paid for their sales and problems with viewer support (eg: The official Linux viewer’s Received Items folder simply not functional at launch), there’s another wrinkle.

That wrinkle is currently called WEB-4587.

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After quite a bit of negative feedback (for the second time), the scope of the Received Items folder has been cut back to just items received from the Marketplace (for the second time).

Okay, so let’s call this one a feedback success, since customer feedback was incorporated into development…. err, twice. From start to finish, though, it’s been a communications failure at practically every level.

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Linden Lab is in the throes of preparing the the new “direct delivery” system for the Second Life Marketplace. This allows sellers to get marketplace purchases to buyers without messing about with “magic boxes” and is supposed to guarantee accurate and timely delivery of marketplace purchases.

As a part of this feature, all Second Life Marketplace purchases will be delivered to a new folder in Second Life inventories called “Received Items.”

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Linden Lab has published the Q3 metrics for Second Life – and done so quite punctually this time around.

If you want the super-short version, Second Life remains on its plateau. The slide in concurrency over the last few years has definitely halted, and there’s no real signs of platform growth among the figures that the Lab makes public either.

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