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The old ‘magic box’ delivery solution is a bit of a drag, isn’t it? For some, it’s the unreliability that’s worst. For others it’s the problems with maintenance and updating of stock.

Brooke Linden has opened applications for the Direct Delivery programme, a long-expected system which presumably handles delivery of items more or less right out of your inventory.

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In just the last 2-3 hours, RedZone – the contentious alt-detecting security system – has been ripped from Second Life this-evening, and its creator zFire Xue (along with TheBoris Gothly) suspended or banned from Second Life.

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RedZone – the rather contentious alt-account detector cum security-system – has been removed from the Second Life Marketplace for the second time by Linden Lab, and has had its in-world vendor removed (twice) by the Lab as well.

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This will probably be the shortest piece I’ve done on Second Life’s quarterly economy and metrics. There’s precious little data being published anymore, and what there is lacks even more transparency than we’re used to.

That said, there are a couple of good signs for a change – and it’s been quite a few quarters since I could really say that.

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