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Yesterday (and I nearly missed it), Karl Stiefvater put up a preliminary look at the crowd-funded parametric mesh deformer. “I should specify immediately that it’s not done,” said Stiefvater, “but the heavy-lifting part of it is.”

“I’m giving it to you in this form now, so that you can give me feedback. There are decisions to be made which we should make together.”

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In trying to quantify the impact of a new content type on the Second Life grid, it’s necessary to look at both the statistical data, as well as getting an impression of things ‘on the ground’, in-world.

It’s now four weeks since Second Life’s Mesh features went live with Viewer 3, and while it would be good to get a few more months’ worth of data, it appears that the new Mesh content type has had less impact on the Second Life grid than any other new content type that I can recall. In fact, it seems statistically insignificant.

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Well, that was quick. Just this-afternoon – in the wake of the rolling-restarts bringing mesh server-side support to Second Life, earlier today – Second Life viewer 3 has gone into production as the default Second Life viewer.

A number of people asked me today when I thought Viewer 3 would make that transition, and I said that I expected by the end of this week, or no later than next Wednesday; a prediction greeted mostly with scepticism. Here it is, even sooner.

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Rolling restarts on the main server channel are in progress now, deploying production mesh-support across the Second Life grid.

The viewer that provides support for mesh features (Viewer 3) is still in beta, but it is not unreasonable to expect that viewer to be pushed into production before the end of this month, and quite possibly this week.