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Now that the Lumiya Second Life viewer (for Android phones and tablets) has hit version 2.0, it features some limited 3D support. That means you can see the world around you.

At least a little.

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Last week’s unexpected change to the Second Life third-party viewer policies has generated a lot of questions. As promised, I contacted Linden Lab with a list of the most commonly-asked questions and have collected the responses.

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Linden Lab’s new Third-Party Viewer policy update pushes the existing policy that extra few inches, taking Linden Lab’s power of veto over third-party viewer features just a half step further. A half step that many people may find distinctly unpalatable.

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The venerable Second Life 1.23 viewer has disappeared from the list of official viewer downloads, as a part of an upcoming, incompatible change to the inventory transfer protocol.

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