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Sony was recently – and quite rightly – subject to lawsuits from its Playstation Network users for an almost unprecedented level of negligence with customer data.

Now Sony has been scrambling to improve its PSN security, but the recent changes in the PSN terms of service make it seem as if it doesn’t really give a damn about it.

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When I think about service security – things like the recently broached Playstation Network, or any one of a number of such things that hold identity data, security credentials or that are trusted to provide critically important data (like the electronic voting machines in the USA). I’m persistently reminded of claw crane games.

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That breed can turn on you For some time it has been known that there was a security flaw in the Ogg Vorbis library that the Second Life viewer uses for decoding some audio data. It isn’t a new problem, as developers have known about the flaw since about 2009 but never gave it much mind as there was no real opportunity to exploit the flaw.

However, yesterday things changed, when Linden Lab’s Oz Linden sent an email out to third-party viewer developers.

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Assorted banknotes So, you read about it a lot. Security breaches that ‘may’ have compromised the credit-card or other payment information of a lot of people.

Notice how people never say that payment information has been compromised. Only that it may have been.

So, what good does the information do for the villain? How do they get the money from the people whose information was compromised? Well, that’s where you come in.

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