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Google-Plus-LogoAnd also to change its mind at any time.

Whatever the reason Google gives for its policies regarding names on its profiles, new social network services (and whatever other services it chooses to bring under that banner over time), whether it is making people feel ‘safer’, eliminating spammers and scammers, or for mining marketing data; the practical result of all of how it works out is that Google wants to pick which name you get to publically use when you use those services, and to renege on that decision and force you to select another, should it change its mind.

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According to the diligent Daniel Voyager (and a tweet from the my-second-life team), Second Life’s own social network based around Second Life user profiles is going live into production sometime today.

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Jul 23 2011

Any sufficiently large social network based solely on real-names becomes unusable.

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I’ve done another round with Google PR, because what they told me last time didn’t make a whole lot of sense with what Google was doing with Google Plus/Profiles users at that time. What they told me now makes even less sense, because things are increasingly weird, and Google is giving me the same line.

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