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You might be wondering where the Q4 2011/Full-year 2011 Second Life economy figures are. Sure, they’re late, but it isn’t unusual for them to be very late for Q4 and Q1.

Well, those reports are discontinued. We won’t be seeing one for Q4 2011, or any others.

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There’s an idea I’d like to convey here. I’ll form it into a sentence and you can say it with me:

“Peak concurrency varies independently of actual total usage”

Got that? Good. Now a little detail…

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Linden Lab has published the Q3 metrics for Second Life – and done so quite punctually this time around.

If you want the super-short version, Second Life remains on its plateau. The slide in concurrency over the last few years has definitely halted, and there’s no real signs of platform growth among the figures that the Lab makes public either.

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A quieter month for me – I spent much of it being ill, and I apologise to those of you that were needlessly concerned. It wasn’t serious, but it was persistent and intrusive. All in all it has been a complicated month.

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