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Trying to get the Lab to talk about the – much delayed – move of the teens to the main Second Life grid is tricky. Responses either don’t come or are essentially “no comment”. Just mentioning the Teen Grid in front of the Lab causes it to clam right up. I get the impression that the Lab’s spokespeople are not permitted to discuss it. There apparently won’t even be a blog post to let people know.

Nevertheless, according to Terrence Linden last week at an in-world office hours session, teens are moving today, and that’s The Official Word.

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The first week of January is about to end, and still no motion on the Teen Second Life front. Teen Second Life is – for all intents and purposes – closed, with registrations having been closed for some time now.

Apparently the move of 16/17 year olds is still intended to take place this month – having been put off once already – but this week is pretty much off the menu.

Magical prognosticating gadget suggests that next week is not looking so good either.

Okay, this is something of a surprise. Apparently 13-15 year-old teens are going to be suspended until they turn 16.

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Second Life is about to undergo its single largest change since 2006 (or 2003, depending on how huge a deal you think this is). I’m not surprised that the Lab has rethought the target dates in consideration of the truly wretched timing that was originally chosen.

Teens will now not be migrating from Teen Second Life before some time in early January. The shutdown of Teen Second Life on December 31 has been waved off until after that. Of interest also is the fact that the Lab seems to have bollixed up the actual text of the announcement.

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