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A quieter month for me – I spent much of it being ill, and I apologise to those of you that were needlessly concerned. It wasn’t serious, but it was persistent and intrusive. All in all it has been a complicated month.

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Ever read the departure announcement from a Second Life content creator or estate-holder or old-timer and look at their reasons for getting out and think that they sounded… well, somehow trivial? Like they’re all unreasonably het up over nothing? You probably have. Most of us have, at one time or another.

The thing is, that users are more likely to pack up and depart Second Life because of little things rather than large things.

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August was kind of a mixed month. Rolling health problems and other things rather limited the time I was able to spend on the blog, unfortunately. That said, it was the fifth best month on record for readership.

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In the midst of all the identity kerfuffle with Google Plus, Linden Lab’s beta social networking framework has brought me to the realisation of why I didn’t click with Avatars United, and why much the same thing is bothering me about Google’s stance towards Google Plus.

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