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Jul 7 2011

I decided that I’d list my twitter account on my Second Life profile. There’s a bit at the bottom which says “Connect your profile to other social networks” and I thought “cool. This will show my social media accounts (or at least, the supported ones), and maybe even show some data from those social media streams on my Second Life profile. Let’s find out!”

So, I selected Twitter, and then it popped the question.

And then I thought, “What the hell? You want to what?”

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spinmagthumb Eric Rice (whom you may also know better as Spin Martin) has gotten a cease-and-desist letter from Spin Magazine insisting that he give up his twitter name.

At issue is Rice’s twitter handle @spin. Spin Magazine (twitter handle: @spinmagazine) apparently feels that this is a case of trademark infringement. That is that their trademark and their ‘good’ name is being harmed by this, on the apparent basis that their readers just aren’t very smart.


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Culture can be a big metal fish - on wheels. @jmacofearth wonders When Did You Stop Listening to Twitter? And Who or What Killed the Tweet?

And the answer, to me, is very simple. It’s when you started being less discriminatory about who and how many people you follow.

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Metaverse Wire, you may know, is an aggregator of all things Second Life that has since replaced the old, unmaintained WorldofSL aggregator Web-site.

It really takes something like Metaverse Wire to give you an idea of just how vast the Second Life blog-sphere really is, and it is partly because of that that it has seen some new changes.

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