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This MOVIE is composed of a lot of Art Works & messages from Virtual world (Second Life),
to Japanese peoples who has been affected by the dreadful disaster.

Thank you so much All over the world.
Although the country of Japan is in a dire situation,
we all stand up again in the face of this difficulty.
your supports from overseas truly have given us courage.
We cordially extend our deepest appreciation.

                                        from one person in Japan

Submitted by BOSS (AKA clubKenjin Loon), creator of Girls in the Sky.

InWorld Theater URL:
Can see  This Movie here. and You can watch the Beautiful Landscape in this Movie.


Jul 5 2011

This game (currently in alpha) reminds me partly of making Redstone circuits in Minecraft, and partly of some of the more complex and ambitious scripted systems in Second Life – where object oriented programming can involve actual visible objects, and motion and colour can be used to monitor or debug system states.

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Rod Humble talks with Bloomberg West, and manages to be somewhat more articulate than the interviewer. Certainly the interviewer gives the impression that she has no idea what they’re talking about.

Of note: the Lab apparently has enough cash for its foreseeable plans, and doesn’t have anything on the cards that would warrant going the IPO route to raise capital, so no IPO for Linden Lab.

Check out the video.

Motivation and engagement seem to be such simple and obvious equations, but they’re not.

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