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How to eliminate one very common source of lag Yesterday, I didn’t really have time to go over the network improvement that I posted, and explain it in more detail. Here’s the dope, starting with a little background.

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Thanks to John Lester (AKA Pathfinder) for putting this one about. You can get an opensim installation that you can run from a USB stick (or pretty much any portable media).

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Play it now!Where did this come from?

While it’s not really very complete, Energy Tycoon has come quite a long way in production and polish without seeming to catch much attention.

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Play it now! Or maybe don’t play this one, actually. I likes me a good horror game, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a very good horror game. It’s so very good, in fact, that some of you will probably hate it.

It’s from the folks who did Penumbra, so I pre-ordered this without much in the way of hesitation.

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