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RedZone certainly seems to have its work cut out for it, with contentious public opinion, and potentially changing Linden Lab requirements (I think a number of us can sympathise with that, at least). Linden Lab rejected RedZone’s modifications that requested consent for the publication of alt information, and RedZone creator zFire Xue went back to the drawing board.

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RedZone – the rather contentious alt-account detector cum security-system – has been removed from the Second Life Marketplace for the second time by Linden Lab, and has had its in-world vendor removed (twice) by the Lab as well.

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Over the weekend I had a couple of additional questions about RedZone that I hoped Linden Lab would be able to clear up for me. One was word that RedZone had Linden Lab’s endorsement or approval. The other was whether a consent-by-inaction system would satisfy the Second Life Terms of Service.

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You’ve probably already heard of RedZone, a system which is used to implement ban-by-IP-address functionality, and to make (variably accurate) guesses at alt accounts.

Avoiding RedZone data collection has been a bit tricky for the average user, since RedZone uses a scripting trick that allows it to perform data-collection, even when media-autoplaying is disabled (you either have to block traffic to RedZone’s server, or completely disable the Second Life viewer’s ability to access the Web and all forms of media to get around that – just disabling autoplay isn’t enough).

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