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Play it now!Where did this come from?

While it’s not really very complete, Energy Tycoon has come quite a long way in production and polish without seeming to catch much attention.

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I’ve been doing some experiments with HTTP textures, and yes, you can proxy/cache them external to your machine even though the viewer doesn’t support it.

There are benefits to this and some downsides. It’s particularly handy if you’re behind a corporate or educational firewall and your network admin would prefer to proxy rather than open up a new port. Caching improvements, alas, are fairly dubious.

Proxying Second Life HTTP-textures with Squid

This is moderately advanced material.

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Aug 13 2010

Currently the majority of the world’s Internet runs on IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4). If you wanted to roll out broadband to a majority of homes in the USA, Australia, or indeed any country today – you couldn’t do it on IPv4. There just aren’t enough addresses to go around.

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You thought it was US$299? Well, that’s what they’re selling it for in the USA, yes. In Australia, the new PS3 is US$430. The original model sold for around US$800.

And you wonder why we don’t buy a whole lot of current-gen consoles.

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