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Microsoft really rather badly needed the Kinect to be a platform exclusive, I believe. The Wiimote and even the Sony Move work super well … at least when coupled with appropriate applications, and the Xbox – while still strong – has been showing some signs of flagging.

Having the Kinect as an exclusive device is something that Microsoft really needs in the gaming/media market – and it isn’t going to get it.

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Oct 3 2010

Earlier this week, word got about that a couple of Linden Lab employees were saying that the Lab had received a buyout offer from Microsoft. This second- and third-hand information quickly got repeated, and was greeted with varying levels of incredulity, before starting to hit social media, blogs and the tech media some hours later.

Turns out that it was substantively true.

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Sep 30 2010

The question that’s been nagging at me over the last few hours is “Why would Lab staff leak information about a buyout offer?”

Well the Lab itself is notoriously closed-mouth, but individual staffers tend to be chatterboxes, often about all sorts of things that they probably rightly shouldn’t. Why this though?

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People are talking about a rumour that Microsoft has made an offer on Linden Lab.

Funny as that might seem on the face of it, a small number of Linden Lab staff are today spreading the story that Linden Lab is now entertaining offers for sale, and that Microsoft has actually presented one.

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