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Perhaps one of the most unfortunate situations I’ve had with a developer in the past is when one came to me and reported that a particular piece of software was ready; and when I asked for the protocol documentation, they told me that “The code is the documentation.”

That’s amateur-hour. The code isn’t the documentation, and with good reason. Recognizing the necessary difference between the two makes the difference between a coder and a software engineer.

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play-it-now Gondola 1.1 is simple and attractive enough, though initially I found the gameplay somewhat daunting. Once I picked up the basic ideas, though, I was able to breeze through it, and it became rather a fun little casual game.

The core gameplay of Gondola involves the transportation and sorting of coloured shapes, by placing sorting stations on islands, and running ski-lift-like conveyors between them. You begin with an initial allotment of cash for construction and only receive additional funds when the correct things are delivered to their correct destinations. Actually, that’s more fun than it sounds.

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