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Assorted banknotes So, you read about it a lot. Security breaches that ‘may’ have compromised the credit-card or other payment information of a lot of people.

Notice how people never say that payment information has been compromised. Only that it may have been.

So, what good does the information do for the villain? How do they get the money from the people whose information was compromised? Well, that’s where you come in.

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A spelling, grammatical or syntax error in software is called a bug. Never buy security software from anyone unless the makers can write and spell correctly and grammatically. That’s my number one rule with security software, and it should be yours as well. This really applies to all software, but it goes double for security software.

Whatever you’ve heard, and whatever you’ve been told, 90% of programming is the chore of expressing ideas and steps into precise and exact grammar, with correct spelling and syntax in every single case.

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Dec 15 2010

Read about it. Follow the recommendations. Use the checker if you are not certain.

If you’re ever recycling a password for an online service… well, there’s probably no helping you.

Nov 16 2010

Pretty much any piece of software that is complex enough to be interesting or useful has security holes.

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