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The Second Life Mesh viewer source code just went live a few minutes ago. For those of you who have been wondering why it didn’t come out on the promised date, I’ve got no idea either.

My favourite third-party viewer, Imprudence, has moved its 1.3.0 developments out of beta and into release as 1.3.0 final.

This is, to my way of thinking, a good thing indeed.

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Another revision has turned up to the Second Life terms of service today. There’s not any shocks this time around, unlike earlier editions.

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Back when the Internet was already old, but the Web was just starting out, a small company formed that was based heavily around transaction security and digital deliverables. The initial heart of the company were two men with money, one man who pretended to know technology, and a musician who had learned an obscure dialect of BASIC and imagined that he knew everything there was to know about software security.

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