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Thanks to Botgirl, we’ve got a video of what you might call a typical Second Life new user experience (as it seems to stand currently) – although a genuine new user might not actually do as well.

It’s certainly thought-provoking.

One of the problems with increasing user-retention in Second Life is, well, pretty simply that for 99 (or more) out of 100 people who don’t stick around (or don’t even log in), we never find out why.

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Shameless promotion I wrote a piece for The Metaverse Journal about this topic. Since it is mine, I cannot but recommend it really, now can I?

As usual, it’s not from the same angle that you might read just anywhere.

Having had a look at the new Second Life community dashboard I find myself groping for a word to describe it, and find that the same word applies to the Second Life viewer: Unresponsive.

I’m not just meaning slow (though that may be a factor also). What I mean is that neither of them actually meet my requirements, nor is there any sign that either of them will attempt to accommodate me better in future.

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