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Arabella Steadham (and I’m guessing that unless something extraordinary happens, this will probably be the last bit of news about her), has been permanently banned from Second Life.

That’s actually an interesting result.

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Over at the Emerald blog – which is surprisingly still not dead – Arabella Steadham, who still seems to have blog access, blasts the Lab over the whole Emerald incident, and particularly over the new viewers admitted to the Viewer Directory today.

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Actually, I thought that Linden Lab was going to pass on banning the Emerald Second Life viewer. After Lonely Bluebird killed the Emerald viewer project, it seemed like no further action was necessary.

Well, it looks like the other shoe has actually dropped and the Lab is going to go ahead with it anyway.

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So, some of the old crowd from the Emerald dev team have kicked off a new viewer project, starting with the source code of the old one, after a key Emerald developer dug his heels in and killed the old project.

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