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These ‘copyright protection’ devices are scattered all over Second Life. People are still actually buying them. At best this is like burying an iron knife under your threshold to keep witches away and then telling everyone who passes about it.

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Having thought about things long and hard for the last several years, it’s finally occurred to me what it is that Second Life users like least of all.

The one single thing that causes more widespread discontent than any other. No, it isn’t that Second Life is referred to as a game by the shortsighted or ignorant, though that’s right up there.

The specific thing, dear readers, is surprise.

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Linden Lab doesn’t have a very easy time of things. They can barely move without it winding up in the news, whether its something they would prefer pass unremarked, something not yet ready for release, something speculative, or who knows what.

That’s because, as users, we’ve got one of the largest flesh-based search-engines around working for us.

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Jul 2 2009

Netflix is down to the 10 semi-finalists of their Find Your Voice film competition. There’s only a few days left, and it’s a bit of a brutal popularity contest as it comes down to the wire.

Sasie Sealy recently got in touch with me (and frankly, I should have posted about this sooner) about her semi-finalist entry, SARAHN_12. The short is virtual-environment related, haunting, and it quite grabbed my interest once I was finally actually able to get around to looking at it.

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