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Metaplace now allows embedding in Web-pages, and even in blog posts. Check out Dalian Hansen’s Steampunk world in Metaplace after the fold.

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Having had a look at the new Second Life community dashboard I find myself groping for a word to describe it, and find that the same word applies to the Second Life viewer: Unresponsive.

I’m not just meaning slow (though that may be a factor also). What I mean is that neither of them actually meet my requirements, nor is there any sign that either of them will attempt to accommodate me better in future.

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Darn straight they could. Second Life could be on the hitlist, the more so because of the Zindra continent for adult content.

While Second Life clearly isn’t a game, I doubt that anyone involved in the process really cares about that trivial little detail. We’re all pretty sure this isn’t really about games anyway, right? After all, the current list also censors religion, political opinion, veterinarians, and school lunches.

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I’m looking forward to getting responses from the Lab’s PR people about – well, all sorts of things – but one in particular that I’m waiting on is more information about component licensing of the Second Life viewer.

The problem is that I’ve been planning a roundup and comparison of third-party viewers for a while (a frequently requested feature), but as near as I can tell, more than half of them constitute license/copyright infringement, some of it quite egregious.

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