Dear Amazon

Dear Amazon,

Yes, I thought I’d divert some of the blog profits and get myself a Kindle for Christmas. Yes, I placed the order a few weeks ago, now.

Yes, I understand that the expected delivery time for this Kindle will be sometime in mid-January. Apparently about an 8 week wait – and like other things that I have ordered from you in the past, probably coming by surface-mail from France, on a ship, and packaged in a sack (no, not kidding – every one of my Amazon orders over the years has turned up in a sack tied up at the neck, and unaccountably shipped from France).

That’s all okay, though I must confess I am far from patient. The waiting is tolerable, however.

There’s just one thing I ask that you could do to make the waiting period much, much easier for me.

Please, please, please stop sending me emails encouraging me to buy one. Every week you send me another email telling me how awesome the Kindle is and telling me why I should buy one, and that maybe there’s time to get one before Christmas. You know I’ve got one on the way, so quit it already! I’d rather not have to completely unsubscribe over just this one little thing. I appreciate your other emails.

You’re not making the waiting any easier, you know, and that doesn’t make me any happier as a customer.

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