As you may already be aware, Linden Lab’s new marcom (marketing communications) policy that was enacted in either late December or early January has been shutting down a lot of in-world Second Life office-hours.

I’m not exactly clear on how many. “Most of them” is what I’m told, though there doesn’t seem to be any hard data as to the numerical superiority of the figure.

The next phase of the marcom appears to be an announcement, due for the 8th of February. The Lab confirms that it will be “outlining some changes to the way we run office hours” on that date, however since we already seem to be well through the process, an announcement at this stage seems to be almost redundant, unless it is to announce further changes to Linden office hours which have not happened yet.

Has anyone else noticed that “some changes to the way _______”  from the Lab always seems to mean reductions? Can anyone remember that phrase or variations of the phrase used by the Lab that didn’t mean reductions or cut-backs?

In any case, the cutbacks in in-world office-hours are hardly surprising, as those sessions have seemed to be at odds with marcom policies for quite some time. I suppose we’ll wait for Tuesday and see if the announcement is about things past or things yet to come.

Update: Apparently tomorrow’s announcement is all about a migration to a system called user-groups. Office-hours, apparently, are a thing of the past and are being replaced with the user-groups system. You can check out the info here, because apparently at least one Linden has gone through it all in at least as much detail (and probably more) as the Lab is likely to announce tomorrow, and you can check out the calendar for upcoming user-groups meetings.

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